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Reasons to Consider Choosing Masterbatch

Masterbatching is frequently implemented in polymer processing. Masterbatching incorporates additives and color pigments that create beautiful and practical plastic. Masterbatching is concentrated mixtures of additives that are encapsulated in carrier materials (PE or PP). Polymers are frequently used as a carrier that comes in pellet and chip form. Liquid Masterbatching is used for specific applications and materials.

Specialty Compounding

Why is this specialty compounding used?

Masterbatch can easily incorporate additives in the creation process. When using this compounding method, there are fewer complications associated with pellet to pellet blending. We cannot overlook the addition at the extruder. Specialized dosing equipment is not needed during the manufacturing process. Masterbatch is also known to reduce the precision of addition rates required to achieve high-quality final products when compared to other plastic compounding methods.

Masterbatching offers users increased product consistency and stability through better dispersion rates. It is easy to reach adequate dispersion levels with masterbatch. In the end, fewer parts will be rejected because consistency in color will be achieved. For more information, call our team for specialty compounding NY.

Ultimately, masterbatch is a clean product. No color pigment of powders wafts into the air or spill onto the floor. Those that use this coloring method often speak about having a clean production area, quicker transition times, and reduced cross-contamination.

Antimicrobial technology and masterbatch go well together. Antimicrobial additives are embedded in plastic through this coloring process.

Specialty Compounding NY

To find out of this coloring method is right for you, do not hesitate to give our team a call.

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