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Questions we Frequently Hear

As a plastic resins supplier, we are asked a great deal about resins and masterbatching. We thought it would be appropriate to address some of the more frequently asked questions. Below, you will see a small list of commonly asked questions we get and their answers. We recognize that this field can be complicated, and so we want to help educate our clients.

What is the difference between universal polymers and polymer specific masterbatching? For those creating plastics for sensitive applications, polymer specific masterbatching is more appropriate. This type of masterbatching only uses trace amounts of foreign materials in the polymer, which makes a pure plastic.

Is it possible to add multiple special effects in a single masterbatching job? The short answer to this question is yes. Some mixtures can create problems with production; however, most combinations will work. For instance, we can make parts that have heightened antistatic properties as well as added UV stabilization.

Will colors fade over time? It not possible to guarantee that colors will not fade over time because of usage. We only use the highest quality dyes and pigments, which allows us to create lightfast properties, which will last for a long time.

Can you match colors? In most circumstance, we can match your exact color specification. With our talented team and computer technology, we can recreate almost any color. For colors we cannot produce, we work closely with our clients to get as close as possible.

We understand that is difficult making decisions about plastic resin and masterbatching, and so our team can address any and all of your questions. We are top-quality plastic resin suppliers.

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