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When it comes to masterbatch, it is important to trust professionals. This is so you get exactly what you need without compromise. There is something that should also be important for you if you are in the market for color compounding. Making color compounds can be done in a way that is non-toxic or harmful to the surrounding environment or community; however, it can also be done in a way that pollutes the air, ground, and water. In the United State there used to not be much regulation when it came to what you could dump into the atmosphere or on Earth. Problems like this were rampant in the USA, and it led to issues in Tom's River, NJ and else where. The company Ciba Geigy caused the issue with drinking water in Tom’s River, and they were a dye manufacturer. This all came to a head in the mid 1960s when people noticed an odd taste and smell in their water. The company was forced to clean up its act, and with the help of conservation agencies the river in Tom's River was finally cleaned. Stories like this can be found throughout the country and across different industries. What has happened over time has shaped the new way in which people do business. The United States has some of the highest production standards is terms of pollution of air, water, and land. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for monitoring what companies are doing in terms of their environmental impact.

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As a result of this, you can rest easy knowing that when you shop with American companies they are making your products in an environmental friendly way. That cannot be said about a lot of different manufacturing countries. Places like China have very little standards as to what companies can and cannot do. You have companies dumping waste into waterways, and you also have companies who burn gases that are harmful to the atmosphere. You may save a few dollars when you purchase from a company that has no environmental standards, and that is simply because they are cutting corners. The corners they are cutting hurt the Earth and the people living in those communities. Shopping with American companies allows you to not only get a great product, but to also know that you are helping make the world a better place.

Specialty Compounding

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