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Minimizing Abrasions on Plastic Products and Parts

In our modern high-tech world, devices and machines must be built tough to withstand the needs of daily living. Products that are long-lasting are more desirable than products that will break and need replacing. We proudly offer our customers wear and frictions protection through specialty compounding. We formulate unique thermoplastic compounds that can resist abrasions. It is not always easy to foresee or manage substances that causes abrasions, and so using specific compounds can significantly reduce the adverse effects on quality and operations. In many cases, scrapes are catastrophic to a machine. At Marval, we can offer our customer:

Specialty Compounding

  • Wear and friction resistant parts that can be extruded or used for injection molding
  • A unique and comprehensive offering of resins and additive combinations
  • Low and high-volume production

As mentioned above, abrasion resistance makes parts stronger and more durable, but is only one of the many benefits that this type of specialty compounding offers. Other pros include:

  • Other additives can be added to the mix to create exciting and unique characteristics for final parts. For instance, UV stabilizers can be added to compounds to create plastic that is mainly used outdoors.
  • There is no need for expensive secondary processing. This reduces both time and cost for final parts
  • These solutions can be injection molded, whereas some solutions are limited to ram extrusion or compression.

Specialty Compounding

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