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Masterbatch Products

Specialty compounding allows for plastic to take on unique and different properties depending on how it is constructed. The ability to enhance characteristics of plastic allows for manufacturers to create products that work optimally. At Marval, we offer specialty compounding to all our clients. Specialty compounding includes:

  • Anti-fog masterbatching- this process adds polar and nonpolar portion molecules to plastic. This type of chemical treatment affects the contact angle of water droplets that hit a surface. This allows for droplets to disperse easier, which will lessen fog on the plastic.
  • Color leveling masterbatching- with the proper additives, manufacturers can begin to process more colors, more consistently, and also at a faster pace. For those dealing with unique colors and long run-cycles, consider this type of additive.
  • UV light stabilization- for plastic products that are used outside, it is smart to add extra UV protection. In particular cases, indoor light exposure can also hurt plastic. UV radiation is powerful. It can break down chemical bonds, which harm packaging and products. UV is a big problem for companies producing food, pharmaceuticals, and beverages. Through masterbatching, additives can help significantly limit degradation (UVAs) and to also stabilize light (UVIs).

Specialty Compounding

Above is only a small list of additives the make specialty compounding possible. There are many benefits to using plastic for the manufacturing process, but customizable characteristics are among the most useful. Let us show you the full capabilities of specialty compounding. Reach out to us today.


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