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Masterbatch is a Growing Industry

Going over a list of benefits provided by masterbatching is enough to stop many designers and engineers from using raw pigments. Others need proof of how masterbatch functions within the world and why designers opt for this production process. Masterbatch gives texture, particular characteristic, and desired color for a wide array of end-use. This process of developing plastics offers higher revenue because labor costs are cheaper, which allows for more parts to be processed. Because of all that masterbatching offers, it is estimated that the masterbatch market size will grow over 5% within the next five years. The industries that most frequently use masterbatch are:

  1. Automotive
  2. Consumer goods
  3. Agriculture
  4. Packaging
  5. Construction

Out of the above five sectors, the automotive industry is amongst the biggest consumers of plastic products. Since the 50s and 60s, car manufacturers have begun to replace metal parts of cars and trucks with plastic. Masterbatch is used because it allows for high aesthetic properties, which would enable vehicles to look attractive. Masterbatch also enables specialty compounding that enhances specific characteristics of plastic, like UV or corrosion resistance. Products that are made through the process of masterbatch include bumpers, roof boxes, headlights, tail lights, interior parts, and fenders.

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Consumer goods have contributed to the significant growth of the masterbatch market. More and more, consumer goods have some plastic built into their design. Plastic can make final parts lighter, more durable, and long-lasting, and therefore designers use it over other production materials.

Specialty Compounding

Most industries can benefit from masterbatch or specialty compounding in NY.

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