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Masterbatch and the Plastics Industry

Masterbatch has a very special place in the plastic industry. The plastic industry can be defined as manufacturers that use polymer materials. This industry is rather large. In 2015, it is estimated that global production of plastic was close to 322 million metric tons. How does masterbatch fit into all this?

Specialty Compounding

Masterbatch is a raw plastic compound that boasts as high concentrate of coloring and additives. Masterbatch is used with basic resins to ensure that a proper end concentration can be achieved. Of all the ways of coloring plastic, masterbatch is amongst the most popular. It is frequently used by people because it offers users a convenient and clean way of creating accurate color shades in final plastic pieces.

Besides adding color, masterbatch is responsible for heightening or adding character traits to final plastic parts. Specialty compounding allows for plastic to have enhanced UV protection while also being flame retardant. Plastic can look like other materials (woods, marble, stone). Specialty compounding plastic can add glow-in-the-dark features.

The color masterbatch industry is worldwide, and it accounts for a good portion of colored plastic we see and use daily. Our engineers use the highest quality parts and machines. Let us help you bring your next creation to life with unique characteristics and beautiful color.

Specialty Compounding

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