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Making your Product Standout

If you want your product to fly off the shelf, you must strongly consider more than just how your product performs and feels. Of course, the two above things are extremely important, but they are not the only things to consider. In a world where there is so many different options for almost every single product, those who thrive are the ones who stand out. Many argue that this is why apple led the market for Mp3 players; because the fact the Steve Jobs strongly considered function, style, and marketing. Below we will be going over a few tips for consideration when creating and selling a product.

How much time have you put into creating the perfect box or package? Not only do you want to think about fun images and vibrant colors, but you want to consider the simplicity and clarity of the message your package sends. Sometimes, as people push the boundaries of creativity, they become more and more ambiguous. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of your product? If you can't answer this question, and represent the idea clearly on a package, how will someone else understand the purpose? Steve Jobs was able to answer these questions, and it led him to creating and amazingly popular products.

Specialty CompoundingBefore creating your final product and its packaging, go to a local store that holds the products that are similar to what you sell. See what they are doing, in both terms of packaging and design. There are certain things that might standout that you want to copy, but the idea is to understand what they are doing so that you can do something different. Originality in product and packaging goes a long way. People want things that make them stand out, so why not help them do that with your product(s)? This can mean picking unique colors through masterbatch/color compounding, or creating slightly different final products.

Lastly, you want your product to feel authentic. What does that mean? What your package claims must be true. For a customer who is promised one thing and gets another, they are not likely to remain a returning customers. One of the best marketing tools is word of mouth, and now that everyone has the Internet it much easier to transmit negative comments to larger and larger audiences.

Specialty Compounding

Think about the function and colors of your product, so that you can create something that is beautiful and desirable.


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