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Light Stabilizers and Compounding NY

Specialty compounding is the process of integrating additives into the masterbatching process. Specialty CompoundingBy adding extra components to the mixture, it is possible for the final product to gain unique qualities and character traits. Specialty compounding is used to enhance the aesthetic and performance of plastic products (depending on what they do and the environment they work in). For instance, glow-in-the-dark additives can be added to compounding mixtures, which will make the final plastic glow. This is great for children’s toy and products that are used in low/no light.  Besides glow-in-the-dark options, one of the most frequently used types of specialty compounding is ultraviolet light stabilization.

Specialty Compounding

Adding light stabilizers to plastic will protect is from corroding and degradation because of prolonged exposure to the sun and weather. Without the stabilization, plastic can break, and colors will fade. Creating products that look good are essential, and so we offer a full-range of the color masterbatch. We also understand that products must perform as good as they look, and so our possibilities for specialty compounding are extensive. For more information about adding light stabilizers or other additives, please give us a call. We should be the first name for compounding NY.

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