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Learning the Common Terms used when Discussing Masterbatching

When dealing with masterbatching, there are unusually terms and words that are frequently used. Knowing the meaning of these words will help you have a better understanding of how the process works. When we discuss your needs, knowing specific terminology will allow us to have a more thorough and detailed conversation. Below, we have compiled a small glossary of common terms and words used in the masterbatch industry:

Specialty Compounding

  • Bleeding - When colors leak into surrounding solvents and stain other contact materials, this is considered bleeding.
  • Color Index - Masterbatch colors are classified by their unique chemical types (C.I pigment white 6 & C.I. solvent yellow 98).
  • Dyes- these are powdered colorants. The powder is soluble in molten polymer.
  • Filler - Masterbatching can take on unique qualities with fillers. Plastic can be strengthened, colors can be brightened, and the final product can glow in the dark.
  • Granule - A granule is what we call a standard pellet (size: 3.2 mm).
  • Micro-pellet - these are the same as granules, but instead, they have a standard size (.8 mm).
  • Mini-pellet - These granules are 1.1 mm big.
  • Universal masterbatch - this is a type of highly concentrated masterbatching that allows the process to be used with multiple polymer types.

Even if you don't learn all the words employed in the masterbatch industry, we can make it easy for your company to get what it needs. Our talented and trained staff is ready to help you get the masterbatching on the market.

Specialty Compounding

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