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Improving Fire Protection

Under many circumstances, fire is great for humans. At other times, fire can be one of the most destructive forces on planet Earth. Modern science has allowed manufacturers to build products that have improved fire protection. When builders use flame-retardant plastics, they are potentially saving lives by significantly slowing the spread of fire. When it comes to building or home fires, every second counts. What is the response time for your local fire department?

Specialty Compounding

Fire retardants are inside a wide variety of products, which include paints, plastics, wood products, and electronic devices. Global safety standards apply to all flammable materials, so there is a rise in demand for flame retardant materials.

For the plastics industry, there are different flame-retardant options. Each different option offers users slightly different results. Knowing what types of fires can start help manufacturers pick the correct kind of specialty compounding. The three most commonly used compounding methods include:

Quench, and Cool is typically used for applications like cables and wires. It is made of hydrated minerals that are from a class of halogen-free flame-retardant systems. Endothermic reactions begin once the fire is detected. Water molecules are released to cool the polymer.

Vapor phase inhibition reacts to fire at a molecular level. With these polymers, combustion processes are shut, and free radicals are disbursed. Typically, vapor phase is used with halogenated flame-retardant devices.

Solid phase Char-Formation will react to create a carbonaceous layer on a surface’s material. These materials hider the releasing of gases that fuel combustion.

Specialty Compounding

We are known for our aptitude in providing specialty compounding for all different means. Give us a call for more information on the best specialty compounding NY has.

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