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Impressive Ways Specialty Compounding Improves Plastic

Specialty compounding offers engineers a wide range of possibilities when building plastic parts and devices. Custom compounding allows for the creation of plastic that is endowed with unique abilities and characteristics. The job and application of the plastic determines which type of compounding is best suited. Below, we want to take the time to highlight some of the most popular compounding abilities.

Specialty Compounding

Added Flame Protection: Plastic is known as highly combustible because of its high carbon content. Adding flame retardants to plastic during the production phase drastically lowers the risk of fire. It is important to note that once you add flame protections, the polymer properties of the material become modified. If not handled correctly, electrical and mechanical properties can become ineffective. In modern times, flame retardancy is essential, and this is especially the case within the construction and transport industries.

Glow-in-the-Dark: Designers have the option of producing plastic that can glow when lights are turned off. Phosphorescent pigments can absorb ultraviolet light that is slowly released over time. Glowing effects work best when using translucent resin systems. We offer different classes of polymers that have long glowing times. You recharge the compounds by exposing them to ultraviolet rays.

UV Light Protection: Plastic that is primarily used outside benefits from enhanced UV protection. UV rays are known to be one of the more damaging things to plastic, so protecting them with specialty compounding.

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