We are committed to providing compounds, colorants, and resins of exceptional quality to the plastic industry

Important Facts about Color Compounding

Specialty compounding is essential for achieving specific aesthetic and, physical, thermal, and electrical properties of a product. Trusting our services to identify your product and application needs will allow you to get top-quality final products. Our knowledge and tools enable us to bring New York color masterbatch and compounding.

For each client, we create custom formulations that are enhanced for optimal performance outcomes. We alter the let-down-rate and resin depending on extrusion or injection molding. We can get you your custom masterbatch quickly.

When working with our team, we provide samples through the production process. We want to get the job right the first time, so we sample pieces to ensure they are coming out correct.

As a means of ensuring we only produce the highest quality products, we monitor all the raw materials that come into our factory. Our quality control gives consistency to all our final pieces.

We can match specific colors based on your wants. Our computers allow us to match almost any color you would like. When color matching is not possible, we will work closely with you to come to a compromise. If you need specialty compounding NY, turn to us first.

Color Compounding


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