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Enhancing the Overall Quality of a Plastic

On any given day, a person is bound to come across a slew of different plastic products. The items will be seen and used at home, school, work, and in public. Cars use plastic as well as many people who do laundry (plastic laundry baskets). There are so many different types of plastics that have different character traits, and this is mainly achieved through thermoplastic compounding. This process allows us to have many of the products we use on a daily basis.

Base polymers have other materials added to them so that the base material will behave differently. Depending on the particular function of the plastic, certain properties of the base polymer are enhanced.  Specific characteristics include:

  • Impact strength
  • Color
  • Temperature resistance (hot or cold)
  • Flexibility
  • UV resistance
  • Tensile strength

Through using additives like carbonate, talc, glass, and mica, it is possible to create a broad range of daily used products.

  • Audio speaker housings
  • Microwave cookware
  • Structural foam


Specialty Compounding NY

Trusting plastic compound suppliers will allow you to create plastic that looks not only good, but also functions well. Optimizing the overall performance of your plastic goods can help to increase overall business. Between color masterbatch and specialty compounding, you can get the perfect plastic.

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Specialty Compounding NY
Specialty Compounding


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