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Creating Glow in the Dark Products

At Marval, we specialize in creating colored plastics through different production methods. Each method that we employ is used as a means to create unique and specific parts and colors. Below, we will go over the most commonly used ways of coloring plastic.

We are proud to offer phosphorescent masterbatches, which can also be called glow-in-the-dark products. We can help you build a family of beautiful plastic products and parts that all give off an alluring glowing effect. Not only are we able to add this characteristic to plastic, but we can also alter the color, intensity, and duration of glow.

Speciality Compounding NY

Glow-in-the-dark products are possible because they are constructed with phosphorescent pigments. These pigments can absorb ultraviolet light that is then slowly emitted out of the plastic. To achieve the best visual effect, we use either translucent or transparent resins systems (polyolefins, styrenics, acrylics, and more).

Although there is an association between glow-in-the-dark and children’s toys, it is important to note its practical application in other fields. It is common to see glowing plastic on:

  • Sporting goods: this is done for practical reasons (exercising at night), as well as aesthetic reasons.
  • Safety equipment and signage: glow-in-the-dark products can significantly increase the safety factor of construction workers and other working outside at night.
  • Electronic goods: products that glow are easy to use and find in low-lighting, which can come in handy for many working with electronics. It can also add a charming touch to a product or part.

Speciality Compounding

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