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Creating Custom Colors for Plastic Parts

Plastic is used because of the many practical benefits it offers manufacturers and users. Plastics are highly customizable, durable, and anti-static. The three reasons above are reason enough to consider plastic in your design, but there are more benefits than just a few above. One of the best things about creating custom plastic parts is the ability to create custom colors. When using our plastic resins, it is possible to match almost any color you would like.

The main factors that affect color are the resin type, the additive, the texture, the shape, the lighting, and the usage environment. Working with our color experts is the best way to ensure that you get the desired colors you and your business need. All our resins are constructed under strict FDA and UL guidelines. Work directly with our team to do exact color matching. In some cases, it is not possible to match colors exactly, so in these circumstances, we can get you closely resembling colors.

The aesthetic design of a product can make the difference between a sale and the product staying on a shelf. Let us help you bring your plans to life with vibrant and bright colors. We can also do specialty compounding, which can add UV stabilizers to the final products (for products being used outdoors or under bright lights).


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