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Creating a Message with Color

Most people unconsciously will make purchasing decisions based color and design. Of course, it has to be a product that they want, but typically companies sell similar products. Those who have two or more products they are interested in will tend to pick the product that suits them aesthetically.

Do not choose colors haphazardly, especially when it is possible to create custom plastic products that can have any color your desire.

With the art of masterbatching, precise coloring of plastic is readily achievable.

You should not just pick your favorite color. You should try and step into the shoes of your customers, and to think what they would want in a final product. 

By asking yourself a few specific questions, hopefully, you can better understand customers and the marketplace. Try asking these questions:

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  1. What type of purchases will your clients make? Will they make impulse buys, will they use the product for a long time, or are they simply budget-conscious?
  2. How do you want your shoppers to think about your product? Do you want them to think your product is luxurious, unique, or will make a difference in the world.
  3. What type of person will be using your product? Fancy, average customers, women, children, or adults. 

There is a massive amount of studies that suggest meaning/feelings embedded in color. By knowing your customers, you can try to create a particular message through color. The color masterbatch is the way to build colorful products.

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