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Colors That Standout

When creating plastic masterbatch, it’s important to think about the colors you will be using. The specific colors you use for your masterbatch will depend on the message you are trying to convey. Various colors stand out more than others.

Bright colors are the best option if you want your product to stand out. Most plastics have a yellow tint to them. It’s best to add an optical brightener to enhance the color or mask the yellowing in plastics. Optical brighteners work through a fluorescent mechanism, absorbing light in the UV spectrum and emitting it in the blue range of the visible spectrum.

Some key applications for optical brighteners are film and sheet, fibers, and molded thermoplastic products. They can also be used to brighten polylactic acid (PLA) and recycled materials. Optical brighteners can also be used on specialty objects, such as cups and novelty items. This helps for them to stand out and increase consumer appeal.

Optical brighteners are either colorless or slightly colored organic compounds that absorb UV light and re-emit most of it. Optical brighteners are different from dyes because they offset the yellowish cast while simultaneously improving lightness. This is because their bluing effect is not based on subtracting yellow-green light, but rather on adding blue light.

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