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Colors and the Psychology of Buying

Customers probably do not even realize it, but color plays a huge part in their purchasing decisions. Different colors bring out different emotions in individuals. The color of a product and its packaging is the most persuasive and strongest of the visual cues.

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Below are the top colors that companies should consider and what each color represents:

Yellow - This bright color is ideal to catch window shoppers. It represents optimism and youthfulness.
Green - This color is linked to wealth. It emits a relaxing atmosphere for shoppers as it is the easiest color for the eyes to process.
Blue - Many businesses and banks use this color in their marketing. Blue creates a sensation of trust and security.
Purple - Most beauty and anti-aging companies use this color as it is used to calm and soothe individuals.
Orange - Orange is a bold color and typically creates a call to action.
Black - Companies who sell luxury products tend to use black. This color is powerful and sleek.
Pink - This is a feminine and romantic color. Products geared toward women and young girls will usually use the color pink.

Specialty Compounding NY

Plastic compounding companies NY and other industries should look carefully at color when marketing. Business owners should speak with a color masterbatch to determine the best colors to showcase their product.

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