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Coloring Options

When we see colored plastics, we tend to neglect the intricate process that is used to create it. Many people are under the perception that coloring plastic is as easy as mixing water and food coloring, but this is very much not the case. Considering this fact, if you are in the market for creating colored plastics to sell, you should trust professional masterbatch companies. These companies are going to help you keep your design's structural integrity while also matching the exact colors specified.

There are factors to consider when approaching colored plastics. Each component is an important part of creating a final product. A professional masterbatch company will be able to pick appropriate resins, lighting conditions, additives, shapes, textures, and more. Not only will the company help create strong and good looking plastic, they will be able to help your company meet government and industry standards and regulations (this includes FDA and UL guidelines). In order to meet certain standards, the correct combination of pigments and dyes must be used.

Tackling the above issues is best left to professionals. At Marval Industries, we have the team, knowhow, and tools to make your wants a reality. Let us help you create beautifully colored and strong plastic products.


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