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Branding Products with Color

It is clear to see that we live in a colorful world. We have created spaces and products that are filled with a wide array of colors. Traditionally, as pigments were harder to make, the world had less color. Building weren't painted and not many products were either. Things were built and bought for practical reasons, but as color pigmentation become easier and more accessible the lack of color changed. Coloring has become so advanced that even plastics can be made too be bright and colorful. In modern times color is not only used to make things pretty, but it is also used as a way to brand and sell products.

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Studies have been conducts and people tend to have certain feelings about colors. Picking colors for products or logos that reflect these feelings can help you make connections with your clients/audience.

Traditionally green meant money and greed, but in the 2000s it means something different: Growth, Natural, Environment, and Peaceful. This is why you will find Starbucks coffee cups with green in them. Even John Dear, the tractor company, paints metals and stains plastics green.

Blue represents trust and dependable strength. Ford has the slogan, "Built Ford Tough," and the Ford logo on each car has blue. Intel, IBM, Dell, AT&T, and HP all use blue as well. They are trying to show that their products are built strong and that people can trust their performance.

When you watch a Hooters, Fanta, or Harley Davison commercial, it looks like the people depictive are having a lot of fun. Orange is supposed to represent friendliness and cheerfulness. People using these products are usually self-confidant.

Red encourages thoughts and feelings of excitement and boldness. It can even give a feeling of youth. Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, Lego, and Kellogg's all promote these feelings with their colored products.

The companies above want to be associated with the colors of their products and logos. Coca-Cola doesn't want an individual to simply have a refreshing beverage; no, instead Coca-Cola wants you to think that drinking their product makes you bold, youthful, and exciting. 

Color is enticing, and they absolutely have an effect on people. When you are creating a new plastic product for the world, you must strongly consider color compounding. Being able to bring beautiful and vibrant colors to a plastic product will have people wanting the product more. Branding products with color compounding can help you to sell more products and increase your company’s visibility in the market place.

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