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What are High Temperature Resins and How do They Work?

Specialty Compounding

Specialty compounding utilizes high-temperature resins because they offer better wear resistance, mechanical performance, and chemical resistance when compared to other similar polymers. Most polymers lose performance at elevated temperatures, but high temperature polymers have polymer chains that allow final plastic to operate at higher temperatures safely. Because of the strong chemical bonds of high-temperature resins, the material can maintain basic character traits when operating in elevated temperatures.

High-temperature resins form the base for a wide array of thermoplastic compounds that have added and unique benefits. Specialty compounding adds retention of physical properties: excellent electrical characteristics and reliable dimensional stability at increased temperatures. Compounds can be further modified with flame retardance, conductivity, resistance, color, and structural reinforcement. Compounds are formulated based on the specific requirements of the application.

Many modern brands rely on color as a way of distinguishing themselves and their products. The same colors are used in promotional materials, web designs, packaging, and products. Not only does color enhance branding efforts, but it also increases the aesthetics of plastic products. Most shoppers demand a product that functions, but they also want products that look good. Color masterbatch allows individuals to choose from existing color palettes and custom colors.

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