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Understanding the Basics of Color Masterbatching

We live in a world where colorful plastic exists all around us. Many shoppers take for granted how plastic gets colored. It seems like a simple task from a distance, but those in the industry recognize that it is anything but. One of the most common ways plastic gets colored is through the color masterbatch (masterbatching) manufacturing process. To best understand this process, we'd like to highlight a few of the most important concepts and terms used about masterbatching.

Color MasterbatchFirst, it is important to recognize that color masterbatching and specialty compounding are similar but not the same. Typically, specialty compounding plastic gets colored, but with color masterbatching, plastic is only colored with no special characteristics added.

What is color masterbatching?

Color masterbatching is defined as a plastic colorant constructed with high proportions of a designated pigment and resin. At this stage, specialty additives can be added as well. Once ingredients are selected, a highly specialized manufacturing process disperses the pigment, additive, and resin equally throughout the plastic. Color masterbatch uses a mix of dyes, pigments, dispersants, carriers, and additives.

The carrier resin is an important aspect of color masterbatching. This type of resin is used in the production of masterbatch. Selections are made based on the melting point and compatibility of the created plastic.

The letdown ratio, which is also commonly referred to as dosage, determines the weight of the resin being used. For instance, when a letdown ratio is at 4%, the basic weight of the resin should be 96 kilograms while using 4 kilograms of color masterbatch.

If you hear the letters MFR, it refers to the melt index. This numerical value is used to represent the fluidity of plastic during the master batching process. For the process, plastic particles are melted into a plastic fluid. The melt index allows us to better process the fluidity of plastic materials.

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