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Three Benefits of Specialty Color Compounding

Modern plastic parts need to look good and function properly. To meet the growing demands of manufacturers and engineers, plastic is endowed with unique characteristics through a process known as specialty compounding. Special effects compounds increase consumer appeal while also providing many beneficial features. Regardless of if you need pre-colored compounds, color masterbatches, or cube blends, we have the solutions your business needs. Our specialty compounding in NY enhances plastic's appearance, makes the plastic more functional, and makes plastic mimic other materials (wood, marble, and more).

Specialty Compounding NY

There is a wide range of options meant to help meet the demands of different industries and applications. The most popular specialty compounding options include:

Appearance Effects

Plastic is less expensive to buy than metal, marble, and other materials. When plastic is made to look like high-end materials, it makes plastic much more desirable. Specialty compounding offers a metallic appearance effect that makes plastic shimmer like it were shiny metal. To meet different clients' needs, plastic can look like brushed aluminum, polished steel, and more.

Shifting Effects

These effects include glow in the dark, chroma-shift, and thermochromic. If you need a plastic that changes colors depending on the specific circumstance, specialty color compounding is right for your business. Thermochromic plastics change color depending on the temperature, meaning colors get darker as the plastic gets colder.

Flame Retardant

To reduce the risk and spread of fire, flame retardant properties can easily be added to plastic with specialty compounding. Adding this characteristic to a product makes it safer and more desirable.

Specialty Compounding NY

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