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What are Plastic Additives, and When Should They be Used

A plastic additive is a material that is added to the manufacturing process of colored resin. Different additives are used depending on the optimal performance characteristics needed. In essence, plastic additives, or specialty compounding plastics, build special performance traits into plastic. Final plastic parts have special characteristics throughout the entire material, instead of just as a coating. Additives are chosen based on the individual needs of the user. With help from the best specialty compounding NY has to offer your business, you can increase plastic's longevity while keeping them cleaner and easy to process.

Specialty Compounding

When should you use specialty compounding NY?

If you need plastic used primarily outdoors, you should strongly consider using the best specialty compounding NY has to offer. UV stabilizers are added to plastic during production so that the protection is consistent throughout the whole plastic part. If the plastic part you are creating is used mostly at night or in dark places, you should think about adding glow-in-the-dark additives.

Specialty Compounding

Color masterbatch is also another reason to use this service. Today, products need to do more than function properly. They also need to look and feel good. Color masterbatch adds life and vibrance to what would have been lifeless pieces of plastic.

For more information on designing color masterbatch or specialty compounding in NY, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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