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How to Make Flame Resistant Plastics?

Specialty and color compounding allow engineers and designers to not only create a beautiful looking plastic part or product, but it also endows the plastic with unique and desirable characteristics. Without specialty compounding, plastic parts would not be as robust or trustworthy. For instance, UV protection can be created in pieces that are frequently used outside. Without this extra protection, products would become discolored and brittle.

Specialty Compounding

Of all your specialty compounding options, one of the most important is adding fire resistance to plastic compounds. Flame retardant plastic (FRP) is an essential material for everyday use. The material is a significant contributor to the reduction and spread of fires. Unlike wood, which burns quickly, plastic does not burn. Flame resistance can give plastic four separate flame resistance characteristics depending on your needs. The four features include:

  • Reduction of the speed in which flames spread
  • Reduction of overall heat release
  • Reduced fume and smoke generation
  • Increased ignition resistance

To create flame-retardant plastic parts, you should give our team a call to discuss your project and needs. All specialty compounding is created uniquely based on clients' needs. We can also combine fire resistance with other property enhancers, such as structural reinforcement, enhanced colors, and wear resistance. Our team will help you meet appropriate flammability specification.

Specialty Compounding

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