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Critical Factors for Considering Flame Retardant Additives

Specialty compounding offers so many benefits, but of all of them, flame retardancy is one of the most sought-after features. A flame retardant is a chemical compound that is added to plastic through the process of masterbatch. Once added, plastic can prevent, slow, and delay the combustibility of the plastic part. Depending on the exact requirements of the user, we can add other fire and combustion prevention tools. We can reduce the amount of smoke the forms, as well as preventing materials from melting and dripping. Reach out to us for the best specialty compounding NY has.

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Of all the different flame-retardant additives available, halogenated compounds are the most commonly used. Halogenated compounds come in two different types: chlorinated and brominated. These additives are highly efficient at an extremely low load level. When using non-halogen flame retardants, the material needs a higher load level, which often required adjustments to the overall mechanical properties of the plastic.

There are three critical factors to consider when selecting which flame retardant properties are right for your plastic. Getting to the bottom of this problem often requires trials. The three include:

  • The shape, design, and surface play a crucial role in combustion.
  • Other additives have a direct effect on combustion additives when creating one plastic part.
  • The requirements needed for your product to have success in the real world.

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Controlling fire, smoke, and combustion is a crucial part of making a great product. For more information on adding unique characteristics to your plastic, you should give our team a call.

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