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What is Anti-Static Compounding

Have you ever had a static shock when touching a piece of plastic? In some cases, it is an annoyance, but under certain circumstances, static shocks could be detrimental. Engineers use conductive thermoplastic compounds as a way of reliably dissipating static charges within plastic. Custom specialty compounding allows for plastic to be protected from electrostatic discharge while also maintaining optimal thermal management.

Specialty Compounding

Part of the beauty of specialty compounding is that it is custom-tailored to the exact electrical properties of your application. Anti-static specialty compounding spans the surface resistivity spectrum. Final products are also specially formulated to allow for easy injection molding and extrusion processing.

To meet the varying demands of different applications, a multitude of technologies is available to endow conductive properties within thermoplastic resins. Each technology offers a varied approach to providing the precise conductivity requirements for your application. Because of these technologies, the resin can be:

  1. Anti-Static
  2. Static Dissipative
  3. Conductive
  4. ESD Protection

Specialty Compounding NY

There are many reasons to consider conductive or anti-static plastic compounding. In many cases, engineers choose specialty compounding instead of using surfactant and metal coatings. Finish parts are easy to handle and lightweight, which makes them less costly to ship. When compared to other similar protective materials, custom masterbatching is known to be the most affordable.

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