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Why do Manufacturers Use Specialty Compounding

Specialty compounding creates plastic parts that are highly specialized to function in specific environments and applications. The best specialty compounding NY has to offer can help you stand out above the competition. The compounding plastic mixes polymers and additives to create a single, polymer blended plastic that provides highly specific properties.

Specialty Compounding NY

Specialty compounding goes throughout plastic parts, which is achieved during the extrusion process. During this process, materials are melted and mixed together into a polymer blend. Once the materials are combined and cooled, they are referred to as composite or compound materials.

Specialty compounding in NY alters the thermal, physical, aesthetic, and electrical characteristics of final plastic. Traditional compounding methods create well-made products, but the products are not specific for unique jobs. For instance, when plastic is left outside, it is important to have increased UV protection.

Some of the most commonly used features of specialty compounding include:

Anti-Static Conductivity - additives are used to drastically reduce the amount of static electricity that builds upon the plastic's surface.

Flame Retardancy - if the plastic is used in an environment where a fire is possible, you should consider adding these additives to your compounding job.

Anti-Microbial - for medical equipment and environments, you need to ensure the highest levels of sterilization. These compounds make the work of doctors easier and more sanitary.

Specialty Compounding NY

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