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Industries that Use Specialty Compounding

Specialty compounding utilizes thermoplastic polymers to create unique colors and attributes. Without this technology, much of the plastic we see and use would not be as resilient, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing. Even though most people don't recognize the importance of specialty compounding and masterbatching services, these products surround us in our homes, at work, and when in public.

Specialty Compounding

What industries use specialty compounding to make plastic parts?

Transportation: modern vehicles have a lot of plastic compounding (inside the car and out). Car manufactures like this production method because it creates impact-resistant plastic parts, do not shrink, resist warping, and can be created in almost any color.

Consumer: for many consumer products, plastic is the first material choice. For instance, most food storage containers and baby bottles are made with specialty compounding and color compounding.

Medical: plastic used for medical equipment must meet the highest possible standards of health safety. Plastic is commonly used to make medical devices like surgical tools, tubing, and bags. Plastic needs to be prepared for patients that are allergic to things like latex rubber. If medical devices to not meet strict regulations, someone could get sick and potentially even die.

Specialty compounding NY

Industrial: unlike consumer products, industrial plastic must meet the requirements of operating in extreme environments. For instance, specialty compounding allows for compounds to be fluid and oil resistant. Heat shock resistance and UV stabilization are also options when creating industrial compounding.

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