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How is Plastic Colored?

Specialty Compounding

When a person shops for new products, they look first for performance capabilities and then at the style. Both aspects are important for sales, and an unattractive product, although it functions perfectly fine, mine not sell because it does not look appealing. It is a simple fact that consumers want their products to look good, which is easily achieved when using specialty compounding NY.
Color compounding is a plastic manufacturing method that adds color, texture, and designs to plastic parts. Molders use this method of manufacturing because the process is reliable and economical. It consists of using concentrated pigments that are universally dispersed within polymer carrier resins. Next, that mixture is let down into the specified resin (this is done at low ratios). Some of the most popular specialty compounding options in NY include:

Color Options – Standard engineering resins create a spectrum of popular colors. Plastic is optimized to work in injection molding. Color matching and sampling are part of the manufacturing process, which ensures the highest quality final parts.

Special Effects – Plastic has a distinct look, but not all plastic looks that way. Special effects master batch creates final parts that look like a wide array of different materials, including wood, stone, and marble. There are many other special effects options to choose from. Reach out to a resin distribution center to find a full list of options.

Additive Masterbatch – Besides adding color and special effect, resin distribution also offers a wide range of additional characteristics, such as UV protection, flame retardance, and anti-static properties.

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