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How does Specialty Plastic Compounding Work

Plastic compounding is the art of taking raw materials and combining them with various additives to create colors and performance requirements. Compounding is a specialized process of blending additives and plastic resin through melting. Once the process is finished, the plastic's thermal, electrical, physical, and aesthetic traits are altered. Final plastic parts are considered compounds or composites.

Specialty Compounding NY

The first step of compounding is to pick a base polymer or resin. Choices should be made depending on the characteristics needed for a specific application. Next, manufacturers must choose from an extensive range of fillers and additives to achieve design and performance goals. To determine what gets added with the resin or polymer, you need to identify how compounded plastic is used. Final parts can have flame retardance, static resistance, and aesthetic manipulation.

All specialty compounding is customized based on the needs of each client. Working with the best specialty compounding NY you can create compounded plastic that meets aesthetic and performance needs.

The medical industry relies on specialty compounding NY to treat patients. Medical devices need to meet incredibly high standards to ensure that they properly work and not grow/harbor harmful bacteria and germs. For instance, a gamma-stable plastic compounding easily resists degradation that is created by emeab and gamma sterilization. Medical devices need to meet strict regulations and standards, and this is possible with the best specialty compounding NY has to offer.

Specialty Compounding NY

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