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Black and White Masterbatch

Normally when people think about colored plastics, they forget that white and black are colors on the spectrum. When creating retail products and packaging, you want you to use color to make your products pop, to make it unique. This is why major cell phone companies now offer phones and tablets in a slew of different color options. Black and white masterbatch can be used for its color, but it is often used when certain physical properties are needed. This is especially the case for using black masterbatch. White and black masterbatch has a high rate of dispersion, and this is done while maintaining load levels. Both colors also offer the lowest prices for masterbatch services.

Black masterbatch is known for its conductibility, while remaining light stable. This allows black masterbatch to be stronger and lighter than it colored counterparts. The biggest issue with black masterbatch is that is has a lower thermal conductivity, and this needs to be taken into account when creating products.

White masterbatch offers its own set of perks. This masterbatch has the highest rates of dispersion, which makes colorant easy to incorporate into final products. This masterbatch also is well suited for use in wall molding application (both thick and thin).

Color Compounding


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