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Biodegradable Plastic

Littering is a sprawling problem that has extremely negative effects on both human and environmental health. Irresponsible human behavior has procured a culture that has become complacent with disposing trash in natural areas. Problematically, much of the material disposed is comprised of inorganic, non-degradable plastics that never decompose.  To cull the accumulation of plastic litter, the usage of biodegradable plastics have increased dramatically, across a wide span of industries.

Biodegradable plastics are capable of being decomposed by bacteria and microorganisms.  Currently, there are two varieties of biodegradable plastics: Bio plastics, and petrochemical derivatives with biodegradable elements. Each material, under the correct circumstance, can return to the natural food cycle.

Some of the more popular biodegradable plastic products are shopping bags. Annually, 1 trillion plastic bags are used be the everyday shopper. Prior to the introduction of biodegradable plastic, bags that were used to cart goods temporarily created a large problem; the one time-use product would be utilized for a short duration, and then would be disposed off, remaining in its shape forever. Now, many stores offer compostable, and biodegradable plastic carriers that are much more environmentally friendly. 

Similar to the biodegradable plastic bag, biodegradable plastic water bottles have made a dramatic increase in the more recent years as well. Not only are bottling companies using less plastic to create their containers, they are using a specific blend that biodegrades over time. 

Specialty CompoundingA lot of biodegradable plastic can be color compounded and designed to meet certain aesthetic desires.  Bags, bottles, and other products can both be biodegradable, and colorful. This helps a company keep brand initiatives up to date and current. For instance, if a certain water bottle company desires a specific blue hue to their bottle, they can use a color compounding service to provide the design, while utilizing biodegradable materials.  Brands can also increase there environmental image by using materials that are eco-friendly by sending a strong message to the consumer, stating that they are proponents of sustainability.

Such advances are key to the prosperity of the future. Plastic that is improperly disposed of often finds its way to the Earth’s waterways and oceans. In an aqueous environment, birds, fish, and aquatic mammals ingest plastics, which causes a tremendous amount of ecosystem degradation. There are entire stretches of calm oceans that have heaps of floating plastic trash resting at the surface. To ensure that these environmental catastrophes are limited, people must stop littering and  start utilize biodegradable products that can decompose in landfills and compost sites.

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