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Additive Masterbatch

There are several different types of additive masterbatching to choose from. Conductive and anti-static plastic compounds are one type of additive masterbatch. These compounds offer reliability and value for applications that require dissipation of static charges, protection from electrostatic discharges, or thermal management.

Anti-static and conductive plastic compounds have many advantages over metals. They are easier to handle, weigh less, and cost less to ship.

Foaming agent is another type of additive masterbatch. They offer reductions of plastic part weight by up to 20% for density critical applications. Additionally, they eliminate skin marks on injection-molded parts. These are available for most thermoplastics.

Glow-in-the-dark masterbatch has a lot of wonderful features. They perform much better than conventional phosphorescent pigments, which are based on zinc sulfide or radioisotopes for their self-luminous properties. These masterbatching types come in many different colors, such as violet, orange, blue, and yellow.

Laser-markable compounds produce laser marks that last indefinitely. However, colored laser marks that are exposed to UV light are prone to fade. This can be remedied by incorporating UV stabilizers into the compound. 

UV stabilizer masterbatch is one more type of additive masterbatch. These type of masterbatching extend the useful life of products exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight or other sources of UV radiation. They are comprised of a blend of additives that protect and enhance the polymer to provide a brighter appearance over traditional stabilizer packages.



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