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Additive Masterbatch Options

Development in the world of additive masterbatching has allowed plastics to take on a functional performance role, rather than simply looking nice. Specialty additives are added to a wide range of colored products, which give them special characteristics.

Plastic can be made to be anti-static. This type of plastic compound reduces electrostatic discharges and thermal management. Compounds can even be custom tailored depending on needs within the surface resistivity spectrum. This plastic can replace metal in certain applications.

Foam agents are also a possibility when using masterbatching. This reduces the weight of traditional plastic by up to 20%. This type of plastic is best used for plastic injection molding.

Specialty Compounding

Antimicrobial plastics do not suffer from discoloration, odors, or polymer degradation. Additives can be mixed with plastic resins that will create a biocide treatment. This plastic will be effective against, mildew, mold, and other microbes.

Flame retardant plastics are important lifesavers, and they are even used in fire prevention tools. Chemicals are added to a plastic resin, and this chemical helps to lower heat and remove fuel. This plastic becomes harder to ignite, and when it does catch fire it will lessen the spread of flames, reduce heat, and lessen smoke.

Find out about all the different possibilities available through masterbatching.

Specialty Compounding

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