We are committed to providing compounds, colorants, and resins of exceptional quality to the plastic industry

Specialty Compounding

If you are looking for Specialty Compounding, we are your number 1 choice.

Specialty Compounding

In addition to producing fully compounded colors, we are particularly successful in creating specialty blends and alloys to meet the demanding needs of our customers

We have developed a complete line of compounds using calcium carbonate, talc, mica, and glass to be used in diverse applications such as microwave cookware, speaker housings, and structural foam molded products.

The capacity of Marval Industries, Inc. exceeds 35 million pounds per year. Our multiple compounding lines operate 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. In addition, our large blending operation can handle 10,000 pounds of material at a time.

Our commitment to uniform quality, ability to meet the delivery requirements of our customers, and the capability to create specialty blends and alloys is unique in this industry. This combination has allowed us to service the needs of a growing list of companies.

Who Are The Best Plastic Resin Suppliers In Town?

Specialty compounding is not a simple task, and so you need to do business with trained professionals. Going with professionals means hiring award winning companies. If a company has won an award for their plastic resins or their engineering plastics compounding then that is a company you can trust. Marval Industries, Inc. is that company. When you hire them you can be sure you will get the highest quality products.

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Specialty Compounding - large industrial blender

     Our multiple compounding lines
     operate 24 hours per day, 5 days
     a week and our large blending
     operation can handle 10,000 lbs.
     of material at a time.

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