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Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch

Marval Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of color concentrates(Masterbatch) for the plastics industry. At Marval, we combine the art of color matching with technology to produce any color imaginable. In addition to standard heavy metal-free high performance pigments, we use FDA compliant pigments, eco-friendly pigments and IR reflective pigments to create an expansive library of colors suitable for applications ranging from cosmetics packaging to extreme desert exposure. Recognized and awarded for consistent quality, competitive prices, and timely delivery, our commitment to quality and customer service enables us to produce color concentrates for the most sophisticated users in the plastics industry.

In addition to opaque and transparent colors we offer many Special Effects including:

  • Sprinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Metallic
  • Pearl
  • Iridescent
  • Phosphorescents
  • Lumenedge
  • Granite
  • Marble

Color Masterbatch Can Help To Make Color Compounds

Making color compounds is not simple, and Marval Industries, Inc., with the help of masterbatch, makes-winning color compounds for the private sector. There are many processes to use when making colored plastics for products, but some ways are better then other. Some ways also lend themselves to different finished products. Marval has the capacity to create vibrant customs colors in heavy metal-free high performance pigments, FDA compliant pigments, eco-friendly pigments, and even IR reflective pigments. Marval is also able to produce color effects like pearl, sprinkle, metallic, and sparkle. If you are looking for Color Masterbatch, Master Batch, Plastic Masterbatch & color compounds then look no further then Marval Industries, Inc.

  • Color Masterbatch
  • Masterbatch

Do You Know What Masterbatch Means?

Masterbatch happens to be a solid or liquid additive for plastic. It is used for coloring plastics, and this is usually how color compounds are made. Masterbatch is made through chemistry accessory ingredients, carrier resins, and dispersants. It is composed of an ultra quantity of pigments (dyestuffs) that carries evenly in the resin. Without color masterbatch many of the color compounds created for extruded plastics would not exist. There are three main components of color masterbatch, which are first pigment, second dispersants, and finally carrier resin. These three separate processes allow companies to produce vibrant custom colors. If you are concerned with producing a product that looks great then you want to strongly consider a company who uses masterbatch. You will see from the final products that color compounds and plastic masterbatch are rather important

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Color Masterbatch, Applied Color System Computer Image

Using a Data Color computer and
color control software, we offer a
total color matching service to
customers. We can match colors
using FD&C pigments, and can
provide certification letters sup-
porting our laboratory and production operations. Our computer is completely integrated with our
manufacturing operation, which
provides us with the ability to completely trace the raw materials
used in any of our products.

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