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Color Compounding: Capabilities

Custom Compounding of engineering resins, alloys, elastomers, polystyrenes, polyolefins, polycarbonates, nylons, blends & color concentrates.

  • Color Compounding
  • Color Matching
  • Resin Design Engineering
  • Formulation Development
  • Engineering Plastics Compounding
  • Proprietary and Custom Compounding
  • Pellet Classification
  • Post Blending
  • Pellet Drying
  • Pellet & Powder Blending
  • Henschel Mixing

Our eight single screw extruders and three twin screw extruders ensure our ability to handle processing of over 35 million pounds per year.

Finished materials can be supplied with strand or underwater cut pellets, depending on customer requirements.

Our fleet of bulk trucks and trailers enables us to ensure On Time and Just in Time Delivery


What to Look for In a Color Compounding Solution Provider

As a product manufacturer, you know that achieving the right color in the packaging or product is essential to the use of your product as well as your brand and marketing. Whether your industry is in aerospace, automotive, electronics, textiles, healthcare, lighting, packaging, or transportation, having the right color combinations can equate to larger profit margins.  Lots of research studies have been done by university scientists confirming how color motivates consumers to make a purchase. Getting it all wrong can quite literally leave your product untouched on the shelf. Manufacturing companies are utilizing color compounding services for the following:

  1. innovative packaging
  2. construction materials
  3. automotive detail
  4. household products
  5. fibers and textiles
  6. sports and leisure products
  7. medical equipment
  8. airplane parts
  9. digital technology

These are just a few examples of how companies are using color services in their products as there are a number of ways to use color in your products to achieve a competitive advantage over your competitors. However, achieving the right color for your product can be a challenge. That’s why it is important to choose a color Masterbatch solution provider who can offer the following services:

  1. technical assistance in choosing the right color combination for your product
  2. expert knowledge of how different varieties of plastic and fiber combine with custom color solutions
  3. offer detailed information on the pros and cons of using one processing method over another

Beyond having expert knowledge, customer service has to be a top priority for your manufacturing needs. After all, if your custom color company doesn’t understand your business, then how can you expect them to communicate how their services can support your needs? You want a color Masterbatch company that can

  1. offer speedy services from a variety of locations, then shipped to wherever it is that you do business
  2. provide consistency in color compounding services across the globe

Having the right color combination for your product can make or break your business. Do it the right way by hiring the best custom color matching services you can access. You can often find out what companies your competitors are using and how their services have worked for them.

How Can You Tell Who Does The Best Color Compounding? Did you know about Marval Industries awards for color compounding (Masterbatch)? Recently Marval Industries was recognized by Crayola for their ability to match the color of caps to the color of the ink produced by Crayola markers. Marval does great work with Color Masterbatch. This award is important for consumers, because it shows that Marval Industries does work that is considered exceptional by a major company in the United State. This is award is important for the consumer, because it lets them know that they are receiving an exceptional product a very attractive rate. Marval uses specialized data color software that matches colors using FD&C pigments. This computer functions works seamlessly with our machines, which allows Marval to have perfect control over the finished product. If you need color compounding (Master Batch) for the plastic industry then you should go with an industry leader and nothing else; especially if you have the option of paying fair market value for top-of-the-line work.

Sometime engineering plastics can go well, and sometimes it can go not so well. Working with plastics in this capacity is not easy, and it takes a real talent to do proper engineering plastics compounding.Would you trust a trained professional with engineering plastic compounding, or would you trust the person just recently trained? I would go with the former rather than the latter. These color compounding places where you turn if you know you want plastics compounding done right.

At Marval we have one mission, and that mission is to bring plastic to life with color. Give us a call today.

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